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12. Helmikuu 2008
Otepää world cup race wasnt quite what I expected.. Before going to Estonia I felt I wa... Lue lisää
31. Tammikuu 2008
Rybinsk,Nationals and Canmore
Hello! It´s been a while since last update.. Lets start from the next races after Kuusamo. ... Lue lisää
5. Joulukuu 2007
Kuusamo WC
Kuusamo World Cup is now behind. Kuusamo race went really good, I was in the A-final for first ti... Lue lisää
26. Marraskuu 2007
Towards Ruka
Hi! I just came from lappland last wednesday. I was there for almost a month and had also few rac... Lue lisää
17. Lokakuu 2007
Hello. I just came from Ramsau few days ago. Training camp went well despite I was sick the week ... Lue lisää


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